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about me

How does on write an about me? So I propose faceted views, hopefully letting you catch a glimmer of the me behind the text.

Nearly completely regardless of the context, I like to make things.

Recent text:

Nothing lasts it's such an absolutist excuse though, enjoy things while they last. I have this on going art project I'm working on involving ice. It captivates me how something so still and solid looking can be forever changing, morphing into new forms, eroded by wind or water, compacted, melting and maybe even refreezing some day some other place. How wonderfully organic it can look, even though utterly crystalline. Sure it might end up liquid and diffuse in the ocean, but for a bit it might have let a figure skater glide over it, or capture the light just right to make the night sparkle.

Favorite Donald Knuth quote:

The best theory is motivated by practice, and the best practice by theory.

I like puzzles, and challenges, whether it is a perplexing programming issue, or explaining a technical concept in a way non-technical people can understand. Writing documentation interests me because I see it as translating this pure conceptual idea (the code) into language we can actually understand.